Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Ridge Resorts sold?

Effective Nov. 12, 2019, Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated took an assignment of all existing management agreements, purchased all unsold developer inventory and assumed previously agreed upon arrangements to acquire defaulted inventory from the associations at The Ridge Resorts. You can be assured your resort’s legacy and management is in good hands. We have extensive experience transitioning properties into our growing resort network. Plus, we will continue to work closely with your Property Owners Associations to ensure your resort remains a great vacation destination.

Where can I find out about updates made to the resort?

Visit this website for the latest resort updates and important owner information. Your Weekly Meeting, held by your resort’s management on property, will also continue. Their focus is to help keep you informed of upcoming changes currently planned for the resort. These meetings differ from owner update presentations (noted below).

What is an owner update presentation?

These one-on-one, personalized meetings provide a more in-depth overview of Holiday Inn Club Vacations and the additional benefits available to you with Holiday Inn Club membership. They are held by Preview Center team members.

How can I update my email address so I can get important updates and reminders?

We periodically send email reminders and important notifications of information we post on this website. To update the email address we have on file for you, Resorts West Vacation Club members should call (888) 377-7982, and all other owners should call (800) 334-1600.

Do mid-week cleanings for owners and exchange guests continue?

Yes, that practice has not changed. For owners, members and timeshare exchange guests staying for a full week, this cleaning is provided on the fourth day after check-in.

However, for guests who would like to schedule additional cleanings during a stay, we provide that service for a nominal fee by calling Resort Services.

What happens to the employees of The Ridge Resorts after the purchase?

Your resort’s devoted employees are an important part of your vacation experience. On the date of your resort’s purchase, The Ridge Resorts employees became members of our Holiday Inn Club Vacations team.

They gained full access to the benefits we offer all team members. We also have a variety of lifelong learning opportunities and career advancement training through our Academy of Learning & Development. Plus, The Ridge Resorts team will now be interacting with team members from many other locations to share best practices that we can bring to your resorts.

How do I make reservations?

Call the Reservation Department as you do today for help with your reservations:

  • Resorts West Vacation Club Members call (888) 377-RWVC (7982)
  • All other owners call (800) 334-1600

Please note that online reservations will not be available as we integrate our software and reservation systems.

How do I list my reservation for rent?

Call the Reservation Department at (800) 334-1600, or (888) 377-RWVC (7982) for Resort West Vacation Club Members, for assistance in putting your week on the rental market. However, please note that online reservations will not be available as we integrate our software and reservation systems.

Does the booking window of 23–24 months change, and is our “spot in line” impacted?

No, the booking window does not change, and there is no impact on how owner reservations are allotted.

Yes. And remember, the first step in exchanging a week is to secure a confirmed reservation at your home resort. Then, use it to deposit your week directly with II. You have two years from the date of the deposit to select a travel date. II reservations can be made by contacting: (800) 622-1580.

Call our Reservations Department. Resorts West Vacation Club Members call (888) 377-RWVC (7982) and all others call (800) 334-1600 for additional questions.

How can I deposit my week with Interval International?

Yes, you have two ways:

  • By phone at (800) 622-1580: This is a special II number just for The Ridge Resorts. It puts you in touch with senior II representatives who can provide you the highest level of exchange services.
  • By web at

Will the Resorts West Club Member (RWCM) fee still include access to Interval International?

Yes, it is still included. There will be no changes, and current processes will continue as long as you remain a member of the RWCM.

How do I make my scheduled maintenance payments?

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated is now servicing your loan payments and maintenance assessments. You can make payments online at or via our automated phone payment system by dialing (407) 477-7101.

For questions and support regarding loan or maintenance payments, please call (407) 477-7101 Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., or Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Does the acquisition affect my ownership or use of The Ridge Resorts?

No, your ownership does not change. You can continue to enjoy its benefits and your resorts as you have done in the past.

Will Resorts West Vacation Club members have to transfer to Holiday Inn Club?

No, the legacy Resorts West Vacation Club will remain as it is today. However, we will no longer be offering new memberships for it.

When will our owners and club members have the opportunity to join Holiday Inn Club®?

You can do this at any time. Learn more about our company and resorts, as well the benefits of becoming a Holiday Inn Club member, at the resort’s Preview Center. Team members there will be happy to schedule an owner update presentation with you.

Don’t Miss Our Email Reminders

We will be emailing reminders and important notifications regarding your resort’s transition to Holiday Inn Club Vacations. That information will also be posted on this website, so please regularly check back for the latest information.

Contact Us

For all reservation and villa rental needs and/or questions, traditional fixed week owners call (800) 334-1600, Resorts West Vacation Club Members call (888) 377-RWVC (7982) and all others call (800) 334-1600. To get a hold of the Tahoe Ridge Resort Front Desk directly, call (775) 588-3553 and dial option #1.

For questions and support regarding your loan or maintenance payments, please call (407) 477-7101.

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