Banking and Borrowing Points as a Resorts West Vacation Club Member

Banking your Points

  1. Call the Resorts West Vacation Club Reservation Office up to 23–24 months in advance (and at least prior to June 15 of the current year) to request to have your Current Year Points banked (moved) into the next Use Year.
  2. Then, make a reservation for the next Use Year using your Current Year Use Points and Future Year Use Points. (Making the reservation is required to avoid losing your Points from non-use.)

Borrowing your Points

If you need more Resorts West Vacation Club Points than you own in a given year, you can borrow them. It’s simply the reverse of Banking Points. Just call the Resorts West Vacation Club Reservation Office in the timeframe noted above and let them know you are borrowing your Points from the next Use Year.

Important Note

Borrowed reservations can be made anytime prior to Sept. 15 of the current Use Year, providing that all regular year Resorts West Vacation Club Points have been used and the estimated dues are paid on the borrowed Points. All Banking and Borrowing is subject to space availability.

Paying Dues Using EFT

Automatic Monthly Payments

Your maintenance accounts have transferred to Holiday Inn Club Vacations. You have been mailed important account information. We encourage all owners and members to consider signing up to prepay their dues automatically using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). It’s a fast, easy and stress-free way to pay.

For questions about setting up an EFT account, please call (407) 477-7101 Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., or Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Interval International exchanges for Resorts West Vacation Club Members

All Resorts West Vacation Club Members in good standing are automatically enrolled in a membership with Interval International (II). Your Points can be used to shop for real-time vacation availability using II’s website.

What if I shop the II site and do not see what I want?

You may use the Request First option. Inventory becomes available in the exchange system whenever an owner exchanges “out,” which creates an opportunity for you to exchange “in.”

Request First matches are assigned in a first-requested, first-reserved order. There is an exception if you are exchanging back into The Ridge Resorts building in which you own. In this case, your request is matched before other non-Ridge owners.

Visit II’s website at or call (800) 622-1580. Important: Multiple options produce the best results and are required when using Request First. You will need to provide:

  • 3 different resort options for one time period
  • 2 different resort options for two different time periods
  • 1 resort choice in three different time periods

But you don’t need to stop with just this number of options. You can submit as many resorts or travel times as you would like to increase your odds of getting a desired reservation.

Don’t Miss Our Email Reminders

We will be emailing reminders and important notifications regarding your resort’s transition to Holiday Inn Club Vacations. That information will also be posted on this website, so please check back regularly for the latest information.

Contact Us

For all reservation and villa rental needs and/or questions, traditional fixed week owners call (800) 334-1600, Resorts West Vacation Club Members call (888) 377-RWVC (7982) and all others call (800) 334-1600. To get a hold of the Tahoe Ridge Resort Front Desk directly, call (775) 588-3553 and dial option #1.

For questions and support regarding your loan or maintenance payments, please call (407) 477-7101.

For More Information

For important owner and resort information, see FAQ.